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Here’s what people are saying about Everything But the Posts:

If you are a newbie or a veteran. Everything but the post is a must read! This book has some very helpful nuggets that are so needed for every blogger. From html to’s in here. I call it the Bloggers Bible. If you are serious about learning and perfecting the art of blogging..get the book!

-Sabrina Dix

Becca has a great, easy-to-read writing style and the book is well organized. She has tips geared for the beginner blogger but even if you have been blogging for awhile, like myself, she still has tips that can be implemented to improve your blogging style. I will be keeping this in a handy place in case I need to refer back to it along my journey. Thanks Becca!

-Happy Maui Mom

I’ve been a blogger for nearly six years. I have been able to leverage that blog into a monthly writing gig for a national magazine. There were concepts covered in Becca Ludlum’s book of which I was woefully unaware.

This book has inspired me to return once again to the world of blogging with a new perspective/outlook. Becca has laid out an easy-to-follow plan in a quick guide that is neither overly technical or condescending.

I whole-heartedly recommend this book to both new bloggers and experienced bloggers.

Cheers, Becca, for a well written product!

-Jason Hoschouer

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